This article is about the Runecrafting altar. For other uses, see Chaos Temple.

[1]The chaos altar

[2]Location of the altar [3]The map across all four levels

The chaos altar is a Runecrafting altar that is located in level 9 Wildernessjust north of Edgeville. Members can enter the altar by using a Chaos talismanwith the mysterious ruins, by wearing a chaos tiara, or wielding a chaos talisman staff (the omni version of the three items will work as well).

Once the player enters the ruins, they must traverse a 4 tiered maze in order to reach the altar, because of this, chaos crafting is a slow way to earn experience; however, this can be circumvented by using the Abyss. Navigating the maze is not difficult, just wander around until you can use a "down" ladder. Eventually you will be on the lowest level with the actual altar.

As it is in the Wilderness, it is considered a hotspot for player killers, although the number decreased with the introduction of the Abyss. With the return of the old-style Wilderness, PKing has returned; making Chaos Rune crafting much riskier.

The Tunnel of Chaos is a shortcut from Varrock which bypasses theWilderness; it is available during and after the What Lies Below quest.

The shortcut portal enters at the 3rd level; from there go east then clockwise to the west ladder, then down to the 4th level and east to the altar. Or, just click on the ladder to the west to automatically go there. The player will have to click twice. After the first click, the character will travel about half the route then complain, "I can't reach that"; clicking a second time at this point will prompt the character to complete the trip to the ladder. Once down the ladder, the player can simply click on the altar to go to the altar and transform hisessence. The process works in reverse as well: after climbing back up the ladder, clicking the shortcut portal (twice) will bring the player automatically to that point.

Pure essence and level 35 Runecrafting are required to craft chaos runes.

You will see three pictures below. From the right to the left, are the three levels of maze inside the chaos altar. Just follow the yellow path to reach the wilderness if you start from altar entrance. Just follow the white path in the third picture to reach the altar if you start from Saradomin Statue entrance.


  • In a hidden update, the bridges that connect the platforms were changed to crumbling paths of rock.
  • The music track Complication is unlocked here.
  • You can see part of the death altar from the edge of the maze by using the orb of oculus.
  • According to the task system, the chaos altar is in the Karamja region.
  • Upon entering, it shows you're at level 166 Wilderness.