The Mind altar is the Runecrafting altar used to make Mind runes from Rune or Pure essence. A player requires a Mind talisman, Mind tiara, or a Mind talisman staff to gain access to it, and a Runecrafting level of two to craft the essence into Mind runes. When one of the aforementioned items is used on the mysterious ruins, players will be teleported to a grey chamber containing the altar, with a checkerboard floor and strange patterns on the walls. On the minimap, the altar is shaped like a brain, to coincide with the "mind" label. This is not unlike the case involving the shape of the Body altar, which is that of a heart. If you go to the most eastern point in the altar you will be able to see the edge of the Air altar, implying they are close together on the map[1].


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It is located west of Ice Mountain right next to the edge of the Wilderness, and is east of the Goblin Village. The closest bank is Falador west bank. There is a musician half way there where you can recharge run energy. The second closest bank is in Edgeville. That path crosses the Wilderness (which should not be a problem if you travel along the Wilderness Ditch).

[2]The outside of the Mind Altar[3]The map of the mind altar showing the brain shape.[4]The mind altar. Click an image to enlarge==Music Unlocked[5]Edit==

[6] Grave with Celtic cross


[8] The more detailed inside of the mind altar. Note the patterns on the walls.

  • Part of the Air altar may be seen from the eastern-most point of the mind altar. More of the air altar may also be seen using the Orb of oculus.
  • Previously, if the Mind altar was accessed from the Wilderness, "Goblin Village" would continue to play even after entering the altar. This has since been fixed.
  • The altar is in the shape of a brain, hence the name, the mind altar.
  • Near the altar is a grave with a Celtic cross on it, not to be (but often is) confused with the Zarosian symbol which instead has the lines crossing diagnoally on the inside of the circle.

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  1. ^ "Map" should be interpreted to mean the plane the game exists on from a technical standpoint, but not the conceptual locations of the alters, which are said to exist in dimensions unique to themselves.