[1]The nature altar as seen from Karamja.

This article is about crafting nature runes. For information on the prayer-boosting feature in the Mort Myre Swamp, see Altar of nature.

[2]Nature altar is in this area.The Nature altar is one of several Runecrafting altars located around RuneScape. It is used to runecraft nature runes using pure essence. To craft these runes, players must have a runecrafting level of 44 or higher. Due to the location of the altar, only members can craft these runes. As with most other rune altars, it can be accessed via the Abyss or by entering its ruins with a nature talisman, tiara, or staff. Due to the high demand for nature runes, it is a popular location for high level runecrafters especially at level 91, when one receives double nature runes per essence.

The altar is located northeast of the Shilo Village wall on Karamja.

Common methods for getting there include walking from the Shilo Village bank, using the nearby fairy ring (code CKR), having a spirit graahk teleport you to the altar, or walking from the gnome glider on south-eastern Karamja. Currently, the fastest way to get there is to use a nature altar teleport to appear just outside the altar. You can obtain a nature altar teleport by playing GOP (Great Orb Project) currently nature altar teleports cost 42 GOP tokens.

On World 117, players dress in pink H.A.M robes to assist others.



  • The Law altar can be seen to the east with an orb of oculus, this may mean that all the altars are in one map.

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